Celebrate being Canadian

Canadians are proud of their citizenship. We value the rights and freedoms, and accept the responsibilities, that this status gives us.

Take part in our citizenship

Find out what you can do to take part in our citizenship. Participate in activities such as:

We encourage all Canadians to take part in social, cultural, economic and political affairs.


Canada celebrates the heritage of all Canadians through multiculturalism. You can learn more about multiculturalism through:

Take part in contests and awards

Contests and awards are a fun way to celebrate being Canadian.

The Paul Yuzyk Award honours the late Senator Yuzyk’s legacy of making multiculturalism one of the key traits of Canadian identity.

The Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education was presented in October 2013 as part of the Canadian Chair Year of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards

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