Find out if you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa

New entry requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada. Exceptions include U.S. citizens, and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA.

Important: If you are stateless or if you are travelling with a travel document issued to non-citizens, such as an alien passport or a refugee travel document, you need to apply for a visa to visit or transit through Canada.

Find out if you need an eTA or a visitor visa

Find this three letter code on your passport information page - see the field named “Code”, “Issuing country”, or “Authority”.

Dual Canadian citizens: Fly to Canada with a valid CDN passport

Starting November 10, 2016, you will need a valid Canadian passport to board a flight to Canada.

Visit your children or grandchildren

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