Application for Canadian Citizenship - Adopted person

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Effective February 6, 2014, the processing fee for adult grant (including adult adoption) and adult resumption applications has increased. Applications received on or after February 6, 2014 that do not include the correct processing fee will be returned.

Applications that were returned before February 6, 2014 because of missing information and/or documents and then received by CIC on or after February 6, 2014 will require the new processing fee ($300) plus the right of citizenship fee ($100) for a total of $400. If the application was submitted for concurrent processing with a family member and one of the applications is incomplete, the entire package is returned. Only the incomplete application will be subject to the fee increase.

Note: If your application is not complete or is missing information, we will return it to you. Make sure you include postal codes for all Canadian and overseas addresses.

This application includes the following items:

Part 1: Confirmation of Canadian citizenship of the adoptive parent(s)

Part 2: Adoptee’s application

Fees Receipt
You have two options to obtain a fees receipt:

  1. Payment of fees on the Internet
    If you have PDF Reader software, a printer, and a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card, you can pay your fees online.
  2. Payment of fees at a financial institution in Canada
    If you cannot or do not wish to pay online, you must obtain an original receipt form IMM 5401 in order to pay at a financial institution. This form is not available on the website because an original receipt with a unique serial number must be used. You may order an original receipt by mail.

This application is for persons applying for citizenship who were or will be adopted by a Canadian citizen.

The adopted person:

  • was or will be adopted on or after January 1, 1947
  • is not a Canadian citizen
  • has at least one (1) parent who was a Canadian citizen at the time of the adoption
  • includes minors, persons who were adopted as children and are now adults, and persons who were adopted as adults

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