Canada recognizes the cultural heritage and potential of all Canadians. We encourage everyone to be part of Canada’s social, cultural, economic and political affairs.

Black History Month

Black History Month events honouring black Canadians and key historic events

Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month events celebrating Asian heritage and the journey of Vietnamese refugees to Canada

Canada and the Holocaust

Canada’s response, International Holocaust Remembrance Day and International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

The Komagata Maru incident

About the incident, the Komagata Maru monument, stamp and funded initiatives

The War of 1812

Impact of the War of 1812 on Canadian history and identity

Human rights

CIC’s role and activities related to human rights and fundamental freedoms

Paul Yuzyk Award

Award categories, criteria for each category, nomination, past recipients and information about Paul Yuzyk

Play games and solve puzzles

Fun games related to citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism

Francophone immigration

Candidates can experience Francophone life across Canada.

Celebrate being Canadian

Celebrate being Canadian with us. Learn about citizenship and Canadian history.

Canada: A History of Refuge

Visit our online refugee exposition to learn more about refugees in Canada.

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