New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces. It borders Quebec and Nova Scotia as well as the United States. It is easy to travel from New Brunswick to many major North American cities, such as Toronto, Montreal, Boston and New York.

New Brunswick welcomes newcomers and values the skills and experiences they bring to our province. It offers:

  • great jobs,
  • a low cost of living, and
  • excellent health and school services.

You can live in a small town or city and still be very close to beautiful lakes, rivers and outdoor spaces that you and your family can enjoy in every season of the year.

Services to help you settle in New Brunswick

Resources for Francophone immigrants

New Brunswick is a bilingual province where people speak English, or French, or both languages. By law, in New Brunswick people can receive government services in English and French.


See and hear about the experiences of other newcomers to New Brunswick:

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