Claim refugee protection from inside Canada

Canada offers refugee protection to some people in Canada who fear persecution or who would be in danger if they had to leave. Some dangers they may face include torture, a risk to their life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. If you feel you could face one of these risks if you go back to your home country or the country where you normally live, you may be able to seek protection in Canada as a refugee.

Determine your eligibility

Definitions of convention refugees and persons in need of protection, role of the Immigration and Refugee Board and arriving via the Canada-United States border

Apply for refugee protection in Canada

Forms, where to apply and appearing for a hearing

After you apply

What to do after your claim is accepted or rejected

Designated countries of origin

Find out which countries have been designated

Protect yourself from fraud

How to avoid becoming a victim of immigration fraud, such as marriage fraud, document fraud and email and internet scams


Stories from former refugees

Watch inspirational stories from former refugees about coming to Canada.

Immigrant services in your area

Our interactive map will help you to search for immigrant services in your area.

Canada: A History of Refuge

Visit our online refugee exposition to learn more about refugees in Canada.

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