Determine your eligibility – Proof of citizenship

Any Canadian citizen may apply for a citizenship certificate. A parent may apply on behalf of a minor (under 18 years old).

You should apply if you want to:

  • make sure that you are a Canadian citizen,
  • have proof that shows you are a Canadian citizen,
  • update your certificate (e.g., a legal name change), or
  • replace a lost, destroyed or stolen certificate.

Get a certificate for someone born in Canada

A provincial or territorial birth certificate should be enough to prove Canadian citizenship. We list what other documents we accept as proof of Canadian citizenship. However, you may still apply for a citizenship certificate.

Get a certificate for someone born outside Canada

Some people born outside Canada to a Canadian parent became citizens at birth. For more information on the rules around citizenship by descent, please see Changes to Citizenship Rules.

If you are not sure if you or your minor child are  citizens, you can apply for a citizenship certificate to see if either of you have Canadian citizenship. You can also use the “Am I Canadian?” tool to see if you are a Canadian citizen.

If you apply for and receive Canadian citizenship (called “naturalization”), you will receive a citizenship certificate at your citizenship ceremony. You do not need to apply for one.

We have stopped issuing citizenship cards

As of February 1, 2012, the citizenship certificate replaced the plastic wallet sized citizenship card as proof of citizenship. We no longer give out citizenship cards or the commemorative certificates that came with them. If you apply to update or replace your citizenship card, we will send you a citizenship certificate.

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