“Am I Canadian?” See if you are already a citizen

There are a few ways you can become a Canadian citizen without applying to be one. In these cases, you may still want to get proof of citizenship.

There are also times when you might think you became a citizen, but you did not. In those cases, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

This chart may help you find out if you already are a Canadian citizen.

You are probably a Canadian citizen if…

  • you were born in Canada,
  • you applied for and received your Canadian citizenship (this is called becoming a naturalized citizen),
  • you received Canadian citizenship as a minor when a parent or legal guardian naturalized you by applying for your citizenship,
  • you were born outside Canada after April 17, 2009, and at least one of your parents was born in Canada,
  • you were born outside Canada after April 17, 2009, and at least one of your parents was naturalized in Canada before your birth, or
  • you became a citizen because of changes to the Citizenship Act.

You are probably not a Canadian citizen if…

  • you renounced your Canadian citizenship and never applied to get it back (see how to resume citizenship),
  • your citizenship was taken away (revoked) by the Government of Canada, or
  • you were born in Canada to foreign diplomats.

You are not automatically a Canadian citizen if…

  • you marry a Canadian citizen,
  • you are adopted by a Canadian citizen,
  • your refugee claim is accepted,
  • you live in Canada as a permanent resident for many years, or
  • you are born outside Canada to Canadian parent(s) on or after April 17, 2009, but neither parent was born or naturalized in Canada.

Use the “Am I a Canadian Citizen?” tool

We are updating the “Am I a Canadian Citizen?” tool.

To find out if you are a Canadian citizen, you can see the scenarios in the instruction guide for Proof of Citizenship (CIT 0001).

Applying for proof of Canadian citizenship is the formal way to see if you are a citizen. If you apply for proof of citizenship, but you are not a citizen, we will still collect the processing fee.

Note: People who were Canadian citizens the day before the 2009 changes to the law came into effect keep their citizenship.

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