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We have made some of our videos available to you in eight other languages. To watch them, visit one of our YouTube channels offered in:

Tutorials (4 videos)

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These videos will help you to complete certain processes. For applications, the best way to make sure you have completed your application properly is to read your Instruction Guide.

Citizenship (23 videos)

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Canadians are proud of their citizenship. We value the rights and freedoms and accept the responsibilities that this status gives us.

Immigrating and settling in Canada (27 videos)

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Immigrating to Canada is an exciting opportunity. However, there are several things you should consider before you apply.

Helping refugees and those in need (16 videos)

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Listen to stories from refugees and those in need who have fled war and disasters to find safety in Canada.

Syrian Refugees (22 videos)

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Welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada was a historic effort. Learn more about the initiative and Canada’s humanitarian tradition.

Getting a Canadian passport (7 videos)

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Discover some great tips on how to apply for a Canadian passport, and learn about e-passports.

Francophone immigration (10 videos)

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Experience the Francophone life across Canada.

The Becoming Canadian Video Series (6 videos)

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This series is sure to open your mind and touch your heart with real compelling stories about citizenship and immigration in Canada.

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