Becoming Canadian: Citizenship

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Becoming Canadian: Citizenship

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Transcript: “Becoming Canadian: Citizenship”

Video length: 2:03 minutes

“It’s a great day to meet new citizens.”

Citizenship Judge Suzanne Pinel loves her work.

She is once again adding new members to the Canadian family.

Each year, courts like this see a quarter of a million immigrants become new Canadians.

Taking the oath of citizenship is the culmination of a three year journey for these newcomers. They’ve undergone security and health checks.

They were required to learn about Canada’s geography and history; its languages and of the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.

“We are there with different programs to help them – settle and also ways of really belonging. And maybe helping them to take the strengths that they have, so that they will succeed.”

Canada has a great tradition of welcoming immigrants and refugees.

For more than a hundred years, waves of them have arrived here to forge a new life.

Many, through Pier 21 in Halifax – the last remaining ocean immigration terminal – now a national historic site.

In the early 1900’s, the vast majority of immigrants came from Europe.

By the end of the century, there was a shift of newcomers – largely from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Carlos Kassoma escaped war in Angola to come to Canada.

“I feel very proud that I got accepted. I feel proud and very safe in this country. I am also very proud that my son is here with me and that he’s growing up in this country as well.”

New Citizens. Ready to build a stronger Canada.


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