Black History Month

Wade in the Water

“Wade in the Water” is among spiritual songs believed to have been sung to communicate secret code messages to escaping slaves along the Underground Railroad.
Video – Wade in the Water

Harriet Tubman

This video celebrates the contributions of Harriet Tubman, who risked her own life to help enslaved people escape to freedom though the Underground Railroad in the 19th century.
Video – Harriet Tubman

The Contribution of Black Soldiers in the Fight for Canada

Richard Pierpoint petitioned to form an all-black militia to fight alongside the British during the War of 1812.
Video – The Contribution of Black Soldiers in the Fight for Canada

Proud of our history

A 60 second video promoting key historical figures and moments from the Canadian black community.
Video – Proud of our history

Victoria Rifles

The Victoria Rifles, an all-black military unit, was one of British Columbia’s first military defense units and was formed in 1860 by Sir James Douglas, the first black Governor of British Columbia.
Video – Victoria Rifles

William Hall

William Hall became the first Canadian sailor, the first Nova Scotian and the first Black to receive the Victoria Cross.
Video – William Hall

Elijah “The Real” McCoy

Elijah McCoy was one of the most prolific black inventors of the 19th Century with more than 57 inventions to his credit and from whom we get the expression, "The Real McCoy".
Video – Elijah “The Real” McCoy

Construction Battalion

The Number Two Construction Battalion, an all-black military unit, served Canada proudly during the first World War.
Video – Construction Battalion


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