Our Citizenship

Our Citizenship

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Transcript: “Our Citizenship”

Video length: 7:17 minutes

Soft background music is heard.

A Canadian flag flutters in the breeze.

We see a judge at a Canadian citizenship ceremony; her right hand is raised. Superimposed on this image is the English title of the video: “Our Citizenship.”

People attend a Canadian citizenship ceremony; all have their right hand raised. Superimposed on a close‑up of a smiling young woman is the French title of the video: “Notre citoyenneté”. With the title still superimposed, we see new Canadians shaking hands with those officiating at the ceremony.

This is followed by a video collage of several outdoor scenes of Canada: an inukshuk against the backdrop of a sunset; a woman approaching the inukshuk and touching it; the head of a smiling woman against the night skyline of a city; a panoramic view of the port of Vancouver; an aerial view of a sailboat gliding past a lighthouse on the tip of a rocky point; an overview of a lake in the Rockies. This last image fades out and dissolves into the smiling face of a young woman; two Canadian flags are waved in front of her.

Then we see the coastal highway of Western Canada, then the TransCanada railway.

We get a bird’s-eye view of a skater wielding a hockey stick and skating briskly on a frozen lake at dusk.

Suddenly, we find ourselves on the slopes of a ski resort, where we see a chairlift and chalets bordering the trails.

Now we see a rabbi lighting the candles of a menorah.

Then we see a split screen with two images. One image shows a couple celebrating their new citizenship by waving a small Canadian flag. The other shows young hikers following a rocky trail along the edge of a cliff.

Then comes a series of images: women chatting, seated on a patio; people playing beach volleyball; a man gliding through water in a kayak; people attending a festival; two women having a discussion. The word “Espoir” appears superimposed on this last image.

The word “Hope” appears superimposed on the image of a mother and her child sitting in front of a campfire.

We then see the Pacific Swift, a ship full of tourists, in Victoria, followed by a general view of a native centre and a woman approaching a totem pole.

We then see a small craft speeding along the Fraser River, followed by a man on a mountain bike, with the Rockies in the background.

We see the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, then a close‑up of a violinist.

Now we see a sign that says “Historic Fort Langley Welcomes You,” then a woman and her child looking at animal skins in a historic First Nations dwelling within Fort Langley.

A couple in a canoe passes by the foot of a glacier; a young boy jumps into a lake and makes a splash; over this image then appears a smiling woman; the boy’s image gradually dissolves into an autumn landscape.

The following sequence shows a procession at a Ukrainian Catholic church, people seen from the back in front of votive lamps, a priest giving communion.

This dissolves into a night aerial view of a city, and then into people waving Canadian flags at a citizenship ceremony.

Now we are at a rodeo at the Calgary Stampede; this is followed by an overview of the badlands of Western Canada; a woman’s smiling face then appears.

Then we see an overview of a lake in the Rockies, then a woman appears, smiling.

Horses gallop at sundown; a bison moves across the prairie.

We see Banff Village and elks on the median of Main Street.

A couple canoes across a lake; the words “Freedom” and “Liberté” are superimposed on the screen.

Now we see a lake in Western Canada and hikers.

Overview of a field and bales of hay drying outdoors. A woman’s smiling face appears on the screen, then the image of two woman chatting on the patio of a café.

We attend a cultural activity in which a woman of African origin is taking part.

A young girl blows soap bubbles.

We see a close‑up of an arch of a Manitoba bridge at sundown; beneath the arch, in the distance, we see a city; a boat sails beneath the bridge; a man, smiling, fills half the screen; a lake at sunset emerges in the background.

We see pedestrians and cyclists on the pedestrian bridge of Esplanade Riel in Winnipeg, Manitoba; in the same city, we see the Golden Boy statue on top of the Legislative Building.

We see two women spread an animal skin to dry, then Aboriginal people performing a traditional dance.

A family takes pictures at the foot of a large exterior stairway.

A woman bargains for a necklace with a person selling jewellery at a stall in an outdoor market.

A series of winter scenes: children running through the snow; a hockey game being played on a frozen lake; polar bears frolicking in the snow; sled dogs running along a snowy trail.

We see adult students in a classroom, with a close‑up of a woman.

View of downtown Toronto seen from Lake Ontario, with the words “OPPORTUNITÉ” and “OPPORTUNITY” superimposed.

This is followed by a composite shot of three images: to the left, a crowded street; to the right, Toronto’s business district; to the far right, a street sign on Bay Street.

Overview of Niagara Falls, the Peace Tower in Ottawa and the city stretching out before it; we then attend the Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill.

A children’s choir sings in the Senate; the camera dollies in on the children.

A family looks at the Parliament Buildings; a tourist boat glides along the Rideau Canal; passers‑by walk the bicycle path along the Canal.

We see Queen Elizabeth II reviewing the Ceremonial Guard; over this image, emerges one of a young girl waving a small Canadian flag; we still see the Queen, but now she is with a young Canadian who offers her flowers.

In the next image, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge offer a Canadian flag to a young woman at the Canadian citizenship ceremony.

The following images appear in succession: an overview of the Olympic Stadium in Montréal; then the Biosphere; a calèche [two-wheeled, one-horse carriage] rolling down the street; fireworks.

We are transported to the exhibition hall of a Canadian museum of fine arts; paintings are hung on the walls; there is a close‑up of two famous mid‑19th century paintings of winter scenes.

Bird’s-eye view of Québec City; passers‑by strolling through its Old Town.

Bird’s-eye view of Halifax Citadel, a national historic site of Canada.

We see Queen Elizabeth II on a ship during the celebration of the Canadian Naval Centennial.

The following sequence shows a lighthouse on a rocky point; a man’s smiling face appears to the right of the image; a train follows a waterway.

We enter the Fortress of Louisbourg. Men wearing the uniforms of French soldiers re‑enact a period scene.

Overview of Canada’s East Coast and a village.

We find ourselves in a cosy Irish pub, where four musicians (two guitar players and two fiddlers) provide atmosphere.

We see a fisher bringing up a lobster trap, a lighthouse at sunset, a flotilla of fishing boats sailing out of a marina on July 1.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers prepare for an official ceremony.

Overview of a field in which we see a little church.

We see a truck on the Hartland Covered Bridge, a national historic site in New Brunswick.

Two kayakers cross behind an arch hollowed out in a rock by the sea.

Suddenly, we find ourselves in Afghanistan; we see members of the Canadian Forces in action.

We return to the mountains of Canada. Hikers walk along a mountainside or climb rocky headlands.

We see a succession of wilderness landscapes, including a river in the Yukon; a woman’s profile appears over the image and then dissolves into a waterway; another woman’s face appears, superimposed over the image of a seaplane gliding over the waters of a bay in the Northwest Territories.

Aerial view of numerous lakes in Northern Canada; a smiling woman’s face appears in the middle of the image.

A small wooden shack bears a sign that says “Cabane à sucre – Sugar shack”. Men sit at tables whose surface is covered by a thin layer of well-packed snow; maple taffy lies on the snow. Close‑up of a ladle from which a line of hot maple syrup is poured onto the snow; smiling children eat the taffy rolled around a stick.

We see bison crossing the prairie.

Panoramic view of a coastal village in the Northwest Territories.

We see an Inuk man sculpting stone, an Inuk woman painting on an animal skin, another Inuk man smiling, an inukshuk and a woman’s face.

A montage of images then appears (waterfalls, field and mountain).

Hikers, standing on a rock, observe a raging river; the following titles appear superimposed: “Notre citoyenneté” and “Our Citizenship.”

People attend a Canadian citizenship ceremony, raising their right hand and singing the national anthem.

The Canadian flag flutters in the breeze. Fade out.

Text on the screen: White letters on black background: Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Citizenship and Immigration Canada 2012.

Sa Majesté la Reine du chef du Canada, représentée par Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada, 2012.

Text on screen: Image of Canada wordmark


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