Canada’s Pan Am Hopefuls – Anqi Luo

Anqi was born in China and is fluent in all of Canada’s and China’s official languages, but her passion and dedication go beyond her studies. She competes at the highest levels of her sport, and won a bronze medal in pairs competition at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Canada’s Pan Am Hopefuls – Anqi Luo

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Transcript: “Canada’s Pan Am Hopefuls – Anqi Luo”

Video length: 2:52 minutes

The video begins with music playing in the background. A close-up of Anqi Luo appears on the screen with her name at the bottom and lighting effects. Anqi narrates.

NARRATOR: My name is Anqi Luo, and I’m a Canadian citizen. I play the sport, table tennis. As part of Team Canada our goal going into the Pan Am 2015, is to get a medal in the team events.

Various video frames of Anqi playing table tennis are shown. The text “2015 Pan Am Anqi Luo” appears at the bottom of the screen.

In the middle of the screen, the text “Table Tennis Canada” appears.

Background changes to Anqi playing table tennis.

NARRATOR: When I first immigrated to Canada when I was eight or nine years old, I did not know I was going to play table tennis at all.

Background changes to blue with a globe and glowing maple leaves. Anqi talks to the camera.

NARRATOR: I just went to school regularly but my parents thought I didn’t have much homework so they started teaching me table tennis, and we played in the basement. And gradually I became more competitive, and I started going to national competitions and international competitions.

Background changes to Anqi playing table tennis.

NARRATOR: I love table tennis and I’m very passionate about the sport because I find it very fun, and very challenging at the same time.

Screen changes back to the blue background with a globe and glowing maple leaves. Anqi talks to the camera.

NARRATOR: Even though you’ve got to face pressure during a game, you feel like—like I like that challenge—I like feeling the pressure. It makes you… it forces you to overcome the… … difficulties that you face.

Background changes back to Anqi playing table tennis.

NARRATOR: As a Canadian citizen, I’m very excited to hear the news that the Pan Am Games… … 2015 is going to be hosted in my home town—Toronto…: …especially for the sport of table tennis because it’s not a well-known sport in Canada.

Background switches between Anqi playing table tennis and talking in front of a blue background with a globe and glowing maple leaves.

NARRATOR: At international competitions, I usually get mistaken to be a player from… China, but as a Canadian I feel very proud to wear our uniform and show other people that Canada is—can have a really professional (team)… …at table tennis too. Canada…it’s a very multicultural country, and at the Pan Am Games we have a lot of different races, but we still feel like we’re part of Team Canada. We’re part of the same family. We cheer each other on. You get to meet different people from different countries. We have the same goal. We play in the same competition. I think that is very great that we can get people all together around the world… …to play the same sport. I feel very proud to be representing Canada at any games and just feel proud once I wear the uniform.

Once I walk into the court, I feel like I’m representing Canada. I feel very… …professional. Yeah.

Background changes to a close-up of Anqi smiling as she twirls her paddle in her hand.

Background fades to black.

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