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Ottawa, May 29, 2015 – The World Health Organization (WHO) no longer identifies Liberia as a country with widespread and persistent/intense transmission of the Ebola virus. CIC has resumed the processing of temporary resident and permanent resident applications from Liberia.

Ministerial Instructions were published on October 31, 2014 affecting the travel of certain individuals who have resided in, travelled to, or transited through Ebola affected countries. The Ebola affected countries were defined as those that have widespread and persistent/intense transmission of the Ebola virus as identified by the WHO.

CBSA officers screen international travellers arriving in Canada for communicable diseases and refer any travellers suspected of having a communicable disease to Public Health Agency of Canada quarantine officers who have the authority to implement public health measures under the Quarantine Act.

CIC continues to monitor the situation very closely and will take appropriate actions when warranted. Please check back here for more information in the coming days.

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