Notice - Measures for people affected by the lifting of the temporary suspension of removals to Burundi, Liberia and Rwanda

July 23, 2009 — On July 23, 2009, the exception clause in the Safe Third Country Agreement that allowed people from countries under a temporary suspension of removals (TSR) to make a refugee claim in Canada at a Canada-U.S. land border, was removed.

This means that unless they qualify for another exception under the Safe Third Country Agreement, nationals from countries under a TSR (Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Iraq and Zimbabwe) arriving at a Canada-U.S. land border will be ineligible to make a refugee claim in Canada.

They would instead need to apply for protection in the United States.

People already in Canada or arriving at a port of entry that is not a land border with the United States will not be affected by this measure and will continue to have access to Canada’s asylum system.

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