Panel Physician program

Panel Physicians, formerly known as Designated medical practitioners (DMPs) play an important role in the immigration process and help Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) protect the health of Canadians by performing immigration medical examinations. CIC is committed to helping Panel Physicians and their assistants perform this function well.

Panel Members Handbook

The manual for Panel Members prepared for panel physicians and panel radiologists, has been reviewed and reedited in 2013 to reflect the changes brought on by eMedical. Panel members should become familiar with the new changes.

Panel Members’ Handbook 2013

Immigration Medical Examination forms

All Panel Physicians must perform IMEs using new IME forms as of November 1st, 2012. These new forms have been adapted to reflect changes brought on by eMedical.

Immigration Medical Examination Instructions (IMEIs)

In effort to guide Panel Physicians performing IMEs, CIC has created a series of Immigration Medical Examination Instructions (IMEIs).

List of IMEIs related to process changes resulting from eMedical implementation:
List of IMEIs related to conditions of significance:
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