Service declaration

This service declaration outlines our service commitments.

Through this declaration, you will find information on:

Who we are

Our department is responsible for immigration, settlement, resettlement and citizenship programs and services.

We have over 4,000 employees working in 46 points of service in Canada and 90 points of service in 76 countries.

Find more information on our mandate, mission and vision.

What we do

We provide citizenship and immigration services and programs such as:

You can also use our online services to apply online or self-assess for specific programs. We have many online tools and resources at your disposal to help you. You can:

  • apply online for a work permit, an off-campus work permit, a post-graduate work permit, a study permit and an extension to stay in Canada as a visitor
  • download application kits for immigration and citizenship

We provide funds to certain Canadian provinces and immigrant-serving organizations for settlement and resettlement program services. These services support eligible newcomers by:

  • providing language training to support the acquisition of language skills necessary to function in Canada;
  • offering the information needed to better understand life in Canada and make informed decisions about the settlement experience;
  • offering government-assisted refugees financial support for immediate and essential services so that they can live safely and independently in Canada;
  • facilitating access to assistance in finding employment commensurate with skills and education; and
  • helping to support the establishment of networks and contacts so that newcomers are engaged and feel welcome in their communities.

Our commitment to you

We are committed to providing you with quality services and programs and will:

  • explain clearly what you need to know and what you have to do;
  • make decisions that are fair and reasonable and explained to you in respect to the applicable laws;
  • treat you with courtesy and respect;
  • protect your personal information;
  • publish processing times; and
  • respect service standards.

Our services take advantage of advanced technologies and are delivered to clients in cooperation with partners.

Service standards

In keeping with our commitment to transparency and accountability, and as part of our ongoing service improvement efforts we have introduced service standards. The Department’s service standards are commitments to a specific level of service that clients can expect to receive under normal circumstances. Our service standards are based on past experience, an assessment of our business and what we aim to achieve.

Processing times

Processing times indicate how long it takes to process applications. Please note that past processing times may not always reflect present or future processing times. Some factors may delay the processing of an application.

Helping us serve you better

To help IRCC serve you better, please:

  • provide, in a timely manner, all requested information and the details of changes in your situation when applying for our services and programs, such as a change of address, a change in your marital status or a change in organizational information;
  • inform us if you require special assistance (for instance, if you have a physical disability, a visual impairment or reduced mobility); and
  • treat our staff with courtesy and respect.

External advice and assistance for citizenship and immigration

You are not required to hire a representative to help you complete a citizenship or immigration application. The use of a representative is a personal choice. We do not recommend or endorse any individual representative.

Find out more about who can represent you as an authorized representative.

We treat everyone equally, whether you use the services of a representative or not. If you choose to hire a representative, your request will not be given special attention nor can you expect faster processing or a more favourable outcome.

Frequently asked questions

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