Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) service standards

Our commitment

Service standards publicly state the level of performance that clients can reasonably expect to encounter from IRCC under normal circumstances.

We aim to process 80% of applications (with the exceptions of the Passport program, which aims for 90% of applications, and International Experience Canada, which aims for 100% of applications) within our service standards. Our ability to achieve these goals could be affected by factors such as changes in IRCC policy and operations, or factors beyond departmental control such as natural disasters, conflicts in certain regions, incomplete applications, or the need for additional information. For example, an application may take longer than the service standard if it was submitted without all of the required documents.

The following is a list of categories of our service standards.

Passport program

Grants and Contributions

Call for Proposals

Immigration applications: temporary residence

Temporary residence - work

Temporary residence - economic

Temporary residence - study

Temporary residence - visit temporarily

Immigration applications: permanent residence

Permanent resident card

Permanent residence - economic classes

Permanent residence - family sponsorship

Citizenship program

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