Canadian Black History – Complete the Treasure Hunt

Question 1:

In 1783, this certificate was given to Blacks who had joined the British during the American Revolution. What is it?

Question 2:

Anne Greenup was the first president of what organization?

Question 3:

Which school built in 1851, that is still standing and still used to educate children, is the only school in Canada built by former fugitive slaves?

Question 4:

On July 5, 1916, the assembly of the No. 2 Construction Battalion was approved. Why was this battalion different from the rest of the military’s battalions?

Question 5:

Which Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada was instrumental in partially abolishing slavery in Upper Canada?

Question 6:

In the four years following the War of 1812, some 2,000 escaped slaves came from the United States to Nova Scotia. What were they referred to as?

Question 7:

What was the Underground Railroad?

Question 8:

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book, written in 1851 was based in part on a book called "The Life of Josiah Henson", written by a former slave who became a Black leader. What was the name of Ms. Stowe’s book?

Question 9:

On October 28, 1859, William Hall became what?

Question 10:

Which legendary Canadian jazz pianist, organist, composer has won multiple Juno Awards, and in 1994 was appointed an officer of The Order of Canada?

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