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The Teachers’ Corner offers you games and resources to teach citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism subjects. Assign a game to students as part of a lesson or use one of the teaching ideas to make learning more fun.

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Lesson plans

Canadian Francophone immigration: a part of our heritage

Canada: Day 1

Canada: A history of refuge

Partner initiatives

Passages Canada (from Historica Canada)

Passages Canada speakers share their stories of cultural identity, heritage and immigration online and in person with schools and community groups. Become a speaker or invite a speaker for free!

The Citizenship Challenge (from Historica Canada)

The Citizenship Challenge asks Canadians to test their national knowledge by studying for and writing a mock citizenship exam in French or English. Individuals, classrooms and community groups are invited to participate.

Prizes include

  • an all-expenses-paid trip to Ottawa; or
  • a citizenship celebration; and
  • other great Canadian prizes!

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