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How can my common-law partner and I prove we have been together for 12 months?

Items that can be used as proof of a common-law relationship include:

  • a statutory declaration of a common-law union,
  • statements for shared bank accounts,
  • shared credit cards,
  • proof of shared ownership of residential property,
  • shared residential leases,
  • shared rental receipts,
  • bills for shared utilities accounts, such as
    • electricity,
    • gas or
    • telephone,
  • proof of shared management of household expenses,
  • evidence of shared purchases (especially of household items),
  • mail addressed to either or both of you at the same address,
  • important documents for both of you showing the same address, such as
    • identification documents,
    • driver’s licences and
    • insurance policies and
  • any other documents that show you have been living together.

You do not need to include all these items to prove your relationship is real. Citizenship and Immigration Canada may consider other proof as well

Photos, telephone bills and letters will not be returned. Do not send videos or CD-ROMs. Documents such as marriage certificates and passports will be returned. However, you should send certified photocopies, not originals.

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