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How can I tell if an immigration website is a scam?

There are many commercial or private websites that offer immigration or citizenship services. Some promote legitimate representatives’ services that you will need to pay for. Others will offer false guarantees to take your money or steal your private information.

A website might be a fake or a scam if:

To avoid website scams:

If you come across a fraudulent website, report it to:

You do not need to hire a company, a representative, a consultant or a lawyer to help you with your application. It is your decision. Doing so will not get your application special attention or guarantee it will be approved.

You can get all the application forms and guides you need to apply on this website. If you follow the instructions in the application guides, you will be able to fill out the forms and submit them on your own.

Avoid getting scammed. Find out more about using a representative or consultant to help you with your application.

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