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How does the parent and grandparent sponsorship selection process work?

The Parent and Grandparent Program opens once a year for a limited time. During this time, potential sponsors let us know they are interested in applying. We only accept a fixed number of applications for processing.

Here is how to participate.

Step 1: If you are eligible to become a sponsor, you must submit an online interest to sponsor form. For 2017, the online submission form closed on February 2, 2017.

Step 2: After the online form closes, we review the submissions and remove any duplicates.

Step 3: We randomly select submissions and invite the sponsors to apply. In 2017, we randomly selected two rounds of potential sponsors.

During the first round, we emailed everyone who completed the form to let them know if they were selected.

On the second round, we only sent emails to those who were selected.

You should wait to start preparing documents until you find out if you are invited to apply.

If you receive an email inviting you to submit an application, you have 90 days from the date we sent the email to prepare and submit your application package to us. We must receive the application within the 90 days.

Find out more about how to apply to sponsor your parent or grandparent.

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