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As a live-in caregiver, can I return to my home country for a vacation?

Yes, you can return to your home country for a vacation. The length of your vacation should be written in your employment contract. If you take a longer vacation than that, without written consent from your employer, you could lose your job in Canada.

If you leave Canada before your application for permanent residence is approved, you may not be allowed to come back into Canada, especially if:

In this case, if you cannot return to Canada for any reason, your application may be abandoned.

Before travelling, check with your country’s government for information on visiting or exit visa requirements. They may have changed while you have been working in Canada.

Citizens from some countries and territories must have temporary resident visas to enter Canada. If you are from one of these countries, you may have to get another visa before you can return to Canada. This could take time. Find out the rules before you leave Canada.

If you stay outside Canada for more than one year or if your work permit expires while you are outside Canada, you will have to reapply to return to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program.

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