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How do I ask for a refund if I paid my fees online or at a bank in Canada?

If you paid online or with a fee receipt form (IMM 5401), ask for a refund by emailing us at

In your email, include:

If you don’t have the receipt number, include the:

We may ask you for a copy of your credit card statement.

If you used a credit card or a prepaid card to pay, we will issue a refund to the same card. Keep it until the refund is complete to prevent delays. If your card is expired, we will issue a cheque instead.

If you paid using a fee receipt form (IMM 5401) or an Interac debit card, we will also issue a cheque.

Refunds can take up to eight weeks to process.

International Experience Canada (IEC) applicants: See refunds for IEC

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