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What do I do if I have technical problems when applying online?

We want to know about any technical issues you’re having so we can help solve the issue.

If you’re having problems with our forms, read about downloading and uploading forms and documents first.

If you have problems before you apply (while you’re filling out your online application or uploading your documents): Use the Report a technical issue button at the top of your account.

If you have problems after you submit your application: Use our web form and choose Technical difficulties as the type of enquiry.

To help us find and solve the issue as fast as possible, include :

If you have it, also include your:

For technical issues uploading a form or document, include:

For technical issues linking your application to a new account, include:

For all other technical issues, include:

If you need to send many documents and images, find out how to combine documents.

We’ll try to answer within 10 business days after you contact us . Don’t send your question more than once. It can delay our answer.

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