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How does the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program work?

The application period for the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Pilot Program is closed. The Department is not accepting applications at this time.

We will process the first 60 applications that are deemed complete, meaning that they have successfully passed the two stages of review. Up to 60 additional applications that pass the first stage review may also be kept on a waiting list, and could be used, if needed, in order to have 60 approved applicants under the program.

Once we receive your application, as part of our first stage review, we will verify whether it is properly filled in with all the required documents and whether it can be considered for the second stage review. Applications that cannot be considered will be returned.

If your application is considered for the second stage review, we will contact you and tell you what you need to do next. At our request, you will need to submit all required additional supporting documents, including a due diligence report from a designated service provider, within a specified timeframe. If we receive your documents on time and if you meet the requirements of our second stage review, we will begin processing your application.

You will also have to pass medical, criminal and security checks while your application is being processed.

Once processing starts, it is expected that most applicants will receive a decision on their application within approximately six months.

Successful applicants will become permanent residents.

Up to 60 successful applicants will be approved under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program and will become permanent residents.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria and how to apply.

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