Hire a federal skilled worker

Skilled workers are people with skilled professional work experience who are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.

As of January 1, 2015, potential candidates interested in applying to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, must go through the Express Entry system.

These people have to complete an online Express Entry profile, and meet the criteria to get into the pool of candidates.

As an employer, if you want to hire a skilled worker using this system, you can greatly improve their chances of success by making a qualifying job offer in a skilled occupation.

Federal Skilled Worker Program selection criteria

When we assess an application for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, we use a grid of 100 points to assess how well an applicant will adapt to Canada's labour market. The grid looks at six selection factors including:

  • English and/or French skills,
  • education,
  • work experience,
  • age,
  • arranged employment, and
  • adaptability.

In order to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, applicants must meet

How employers can access Express Entry pool candidates

As an employer, you can hire skilled foreign workers to meet your labour needs when you are unable to find Canadians or permanent residents to fill job vacancies. You will have the flexibility and choice to use current recruiting and hiring practices.

You will also have access to candidates through Canada's Job Bank, private sector job boards and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) where applicable.

Invitation to Apply

Candidates are assessed against others in the pool, and be ranked based on criteria that are known to contribute to a newcomer's economic success once in Canada. Only the highest-ranked candidates, and those with valid job offers or provincial/territorial nominations, will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Candidates have 60 days to apply for permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.
CIC will process the majority of complete permanent residence applications received (i.e. those including all the necessary supporting documents) in six months or less.

Note: As of January 1 2015, under the new Express Entry system there are no occupation lists or caps.

Video - Express Entry for employers

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Employers' Roadmap

This roadmap is a guide for employers in small to medium-sized enterprises interested in hiring foreign workers.
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