Hire a temporary worker

Find out if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), how to hire workers, what to do after you hire a worker and how to extend a work permit.

Services and information

Find out if you need an LMIA

Workers who are exempt, how to find if you need an assessment, and who to contact if you need help

Hire a worker with an LMIA

What to do when you get a positive LMIA and how to hire in Quebec

Hire a worker without an LMIA

How to submit an offer of employment, when you are exempt from paying fees and other hiring information

After you hire a temporary worker

What happens when they arrive in Canada, what you need to do and what it means to be inspected

Extend a temporary worker’s permit

What you and the worker must do, forms, fees and renewing online vs. paper

How to benefit from the Global Skills Strategy

Eligibility requirements and how the worker can get their application processed in two weeks


Questions about hiring a foreign worker?

Find quick and direct answers to your questions about hiring a foreign worker, including, how to hire, what your obligations are, whether you need a Labour Impact assessment.

Hire Francophone workers

Interested in tapping into the bilingual market? Learn more about hiring Francophone workers out of Quebec.

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