Selection factors – Self-employed

In order to qualify, you must first meet the definition of an investor, entrepreneur or self-employed person, according to the class you apply under.

You will then be assessed against five selection criteria and a point system. You must obtain a minimum of 35 points if you want to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant.

Selection criteria Maximum points Your score
Education 25  
Experience 35  
Age 10  
Ability in English and/or French 24  
Adaptability 6  
TOTAL 100  

Your score

The maximum possible score is 100. The pass mark is currently 35 points. However, the pass mark may change, so make sure you visit this site regularly if you are considering immigrating to Canada as a business immigrant.

Selection is based on the documents that you provide and an assessment of your score under each of the selection criteria. You must also meet the definition of the program you apply for.

As part of the immigration process, an interview may be required. During the interview, a visa officer will ask you to explain any information that is unclear or inconsistent, or any shortcomings or gaps in the documents that you provide. If there is a difference between your assessment of your qualifications and the visa officer’s assessment, the officer’s assessment will prevail.

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