Apply to sponsor a parent or grandparent

We’ve communicated with interested sponsors to let them know if they were randomly selected to apply or not in 2017. Learn more.

If you’re invited to apply to sponsor your parents or grandparents:

  • You must apply to sponsor your family member, and we’ll:
    • process your sponsorship application
    • tell you in writing about the decision on your sponsorship application
  • Your parents or grandparents must apply for permanent residence

You should fill out and send the applications for both sponsorship and permanent residence at the same time.

How to apply

There are four steps to apply to sponsor your parents or grandparents.

1. Receive an invitation to apply

To receive an invitation to apply:

  1. You must tell us you want to apply by submitting an online Interest to Sponsor form.
    • Note that this form is not an application.
    • When the program opens, this form is available for 30 days. For 2017, the online submission form closed on February 2, 2017.
  2. You must be randomly selected:
    • After the online form closes, we review the submissions and remove any duplicates.
    • We randomly select submissions and invite the sponsors to apply. In 2017, we invited 10,000 sponsors.
    • We send emails to everyone who completed the interest to sponsor form to let them know if they were selected or not.

You should wait to start preparing documents until you find out if you are invited to apply.

If you are unsure if you were invited or not, find out if you were selected to apply in 2017.

2. Get the application package

The application package includes the:

  • document checklist
  • forms you need to fill out
  • guide and instructions to help you fill out the forms correctly

Read the guide carefully before you complete the application form. The sponsorship application fee for processing your form isn’t refundable. Make sure you’re eligible to sponsor a relative before you apply.

If information or documents are missing, we’ll return your entire application to you.  You’ll need to submit a new application with the missing information or documents.

When submitting your applications:

  • you’ll have to provide proof that you meet the minimum income requirements
  • your sponsored relative needs to make every effort to become self-supporting
  • your relative’s dependent children (if any) must be included on your relative’s application
  • you must sign an agreement that commits you to supporting the relative for a certain time period (three to 20 years)

All of the information on your application must be true. You must list all your family members. The person you’re sponsoring must submit for each of their close family members:

  • medical exams
  • security checks
  • criminality checks

If they don’t, the sponsored person won’t be able to sponsor those family members in the future.

You must tell us of any change in circumstances, such as:

  • birth or adoption of children
  • marriage or divorce
  • death of an applicant or dependant

3. Pay your application fees

You must pay your application processing fees online. We don’t accept any other kind of payment.

Include your proof of payment with your application.

Use the pay your fees tool to see how much your fees will be and how to pay them online.

Right of permanent residence fee

The principal applicant must pay the right of permanent residence fee (RPRF) before we can grant permanent resident status.

You don’t need to include the RPRF with your sponsorship application. You can pay it later.

The RPRF doesn’t need to be paid by:

  • dependent children of:
    • the person you’re sponsoring
    • a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
  • protected persons and their family members

4. Submit your application

The mailing address is in the sponsorship application guide.

You may use a courier service to submit your application to sponsor a parent or grandparent, if you want to.

Find out how long it will take to process your application.

If you submit a complete application you will avoid processing delays. We’ll return your application to you if:

  • it’s incomplete
  • fees are missing
  • you weren’t randomly selected to submit an application
  • we don’t receive it within 90 days after we sent the invitation to apply

If we return your application because it’s incomplete, this doesn’t mean you’re disqualified. You can re-submit a complete application.


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