More information on the application form

To use the application form and print barcodes, you must:

  1. Open the form using a computer and type in your data.

    The application form is available in PDF format. You must view it with version 10 or higher of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

  2. Fill out the form. Click the “Validate” button at the top or bottom of the application.

    Follow the instructions to make sure the form is properly validated. Once you have done so, a page of barcodes (page 5 of 5), similar to the one below, will be created.

    A page of barcodes

  3. Print the application form, including the barcode page.

    For best results:

    • print on white, bond-quality, non-glossy paper and
    • use a laser printer.


    Please check your printed form to make sure that barcodes, like the ones above, are on the last page (page 5 of 5). The barcodes should be clear and free of any distortions, smudges or fading. If not, they can slow down the application process.

  4. Sign and date your application. Submit it to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) with the other required documents.

Troubleshooting: Questions and Answers

Visit the Help Centre to see all questions about downloading files.


If you are using a mobile device, a PDF viewer within your web browser, or other PDF readers, you may have trouble in viewing or filling out the application form.

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