Application for a Verification of Status (VOS) or Replacement of an Immigration Document

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This application package includes:

Note: Do not use this application if you are asking for changes to your Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM 1000) or your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688). Instead, fill out the Request to Amend the Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence or Valid Temporary Resident Documents (IMM 5218).

Use this application for to get a Verification of Status document ($30 fee) or a replacement of a temporary resident document. See the list of information that could be found in a VOS document.

Use this application to get a Verification of Status or a replacement of a temporary resident document. See a list of documents you can get copies of.

The Instruction Guide tells you what you need to prove your status if you are a permanent resident travelling outside Canada.

  • Read the Instruction Guide and download the application forms.
  • Fill out, sign and date your application forms.
  • Pay your fees. There are two ways you can pay:
    1. online (preferred option) or
    2. at a financial institution in Canada.

    For option 2:

    • We will need to mail you an original receipt. It may take two to three weeks to arrive.
    • Bring this receipt to pay your fees at the bank or wire service. They will keep one section and give the rest back to you.
    • Send one section with your application and keep the other for your records.
  • Mail your completed application.

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