Application for Canadian Citizenship – Minors

Some citizenship requirements (language and knowledge) are changing.

This application package includes:

  1. Document Checklist (CIT 0008)
  2. Application for Canadian Citizenship — Minors [CIT 0003] June 2017
  3. Citizenship Photo Specifications
  4. Use of a Representative [IMM 5476] September 2015
  5. Instruction Guide


Ensure you use the current version of the forms. Older versions will not be accepted.

Use this application if you are applying for citizenship for a child under 18. The child must be a permanent resident of Canada. The child must also have at least one parent who is a Canadian citizen or who will become a citizen at the same time.

In addition, Citizenship applicants 14 years of age or older on the date of the signatures on the application must:

  • be able to understand and speak basic English or French, and
  • know about Canada and the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship

Do not use this form to prove a child born outside Canada to a Canadian parent is a Canadian citizen. If your child was born outside Canada and is a Canadian citizen, apply for proof of citizenship (adults and minors). You may also apply for proof of citizenship for a child born in Canada if you do not have a document showing the child has Canadian citizenship.


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