Application for a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)

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Important: We will return your application to you if:

This application package includes:

  1. Application for a Permanent Resident Card (including the Document Checklist) [IMM 5444]  (PDF, 815 KB) February 2015
  2. Supplementary Identification [IMM 5455]  (PDF, 560 KB) January 2012
  3. Photograph Specifications for Permanent Resident Cards (PDF, 989 KB)
  4. Use of a Representative [IMM 5476]  (PDF, 611 KB) June 2015
  5. Authority to release personal information to a designated individual
  6. Instruction Guide [IMM 5445]

Initial card, replacement or renewal

Use this application if you are a permanent resident in Canada and applying for your first PR card. You can also use this application to renew or replace your PR card.

The PR card is a status document. It is proof of your permanent resident status.

Read the Instruction Guide to fill out your application forms.

  • Read the Instruction Guide and download the application forms.
  • Fill out, sign and date your application forms.
  • Pay your fees. There are two ways you can pay:
    1. online (preferred option) or
    2. at a financial institution in Canada.

    For option 2:

    • We will need to mail you an original receipt. It may take two to three weeks to arrive.
    • Bring this receipt to pay your fees at the bank or wire service. They will keep one section and give the rest back to you.
    • Send one section with your application and keep the other for your records.
  • Mail your completed application to the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
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