Pay your fees online

You can pay your fees online for most paper applications. Before you continue, make sure you can pay online.

Applying online? Don’t pay this way. When you apply online, we will ask you to pay at the end of your application.

Choose your payment type

You can pay with a credit card, prepaid card, or a debit card. The card you use does not have to be in your name. The cardholder’s name will appear on the receipt but it does not need to match your application.

Credit cards and prepaid cards

We accept credit cards and prepaid cards from:

If you use a prepaid credit card, keep it for at least 18 months after you pay to make refunds easier.

Debit cards

 It must:

We also accept Visa Debit.


We will issue refunds back to the same card you pay with. In case you need a refund, keep your card until your application is processed. If it’s expired, we will send you a cheque instead. Learn how to request a refund.

Once processing starts, your application fees will be non-refundable.

Pay your fees

After you pay, a copy of your receipt will be emailed to you. Print it and include it with your paper application. You can log in at any time to view all your receipts.

Not sure which fees you should be paying? Find the guide for your application.


Grant of citizenship, citizenship certificates, renouncing or resuming your citizenship

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Permanent and temporary residence applications, PR cards and travel documents, sponsorship, visas, work and study permits, and more

Pay your immigration fees

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