Apply — Permanent resident card

If you are immigrating to Canada, you do not need to apply for a permanent resident card (PR card). We will mail your card to you after you get to Canada.

If you did not provide your Canadian mailing address when you became a permanent resident, you must send us your Canadian address using our online tool within 180 days of becoming a permanent resident.

Apply for a PR card

If you are a permanent resident and need a PR card, follow these steps to apply for a PR card. Make sure you are eligible before you apply.

Replace or renew a PR card

You can get another card if you card has:

  • expired or will soon expire, or
  • been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Apply urgently for a PR card

If you will be leaving Canada soon and need a PR card quickly, you can apply for urgent processing of a PR card. Please note that sometimes we cannot grant all requests.

Apply for corrections if there is a mistake on your card

If there is a mistake or something is missing on your PR card, you can apply for a reissued PR card.  Please note that there is limited space for your name on a PR card:

  • first name: 15 letters or less
  • last name: 20 letters or less

If your name on your PR card is shortened to the first 15 or 20 letters, this is not a mistake and it cannot be changed.

Get help if you are outside Canada without a PR card

We do not send PR cards outside of Canada. Learn how to return to Canada without a PR card because:

  • you do not have a PR card (or did not bring it with you),
  • it has expired, or
  • it has been lost, stolen or destroyed.
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