Replace or renew a permanent resident card

You can apply for another permanent resident card (PR card) if your card:

  • has expired or will soon expire,
  • has been lost or stolen, or
  • has been destroyed.

To replace a PR card, follow the same steps to apply for a permanent resident card. You will need to provide the same documents, including photographs, and pay the $50 fee.

If your card was lost, stolen or destroyed, contact the Call Centre to let us know. You will need to fill in Section G of the application form. If your PR card is lost or stolen while you are outside of Canada, report the loss or theft by sending an email to the general enquiries inbox of your nearest Canadian visa office.

Please note we will only send PR cards to addresses within Canada. There is another process for permanent residents outside Canada without a PR card.

If there is a mistake on your PR card, you can apply for a reissued PR card.

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