Urgent processing of permanent resident card

We are updating the PR card

If you need to travel in November or December 2015 and have not yet received your PR card, do not apply urgently. Instead, apply for a permanent resident travel document.

You are in Canada and have not applied

If your travel date is more than three weeks away:

We strive to expedite all urgent applications, however we cannot guarantee that your card will be ready before you leave Canada.

  1. Fill out the application as shown in applying for a permanent resident card.

  2. Include a photocopy of your proof of travel and proof of payment with your application.

    The proof of travel, such as tickets or an itinerary, must show:

    • the dates you will be traveling,
    • your personal information such as your full name,
    • that you have a return ticket leaving from Canada , and
    • your destination (where you are going).

    The proof of payment must show that you paid for your ticket in full. It must show:

    • the date that you paid,
    • the full amount paid, and
    • how you paid.

    If you do not send all this information, we may not process your application urgently. We will process it normally.

  3. On your envelope, write:
    • Urgent — Proof of travel included

Next Steps: If you do not receive your PR card before you have to travel, follow the steps for how you can return to Canada without a PR card.

If your travel date is in less than three weeks:

We cannot get a PR card to you before you leave Canada. Follow the steps for how you can return to Canada without a PR card.

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