Get a permanent resident card

The permanent resident card (PR card) is the official proof that you are a permanent resident of Canada. You use this wallet-sized plastic card to show you can enter and stay in Canada when you return from another country.

You must show this card when you re-enter Canada on a commercial vehicle, such as an airplane, boat, train or bus. If you return to Canada in a private vehicle, such as your car, there are other documents you can use.

If you plan to leave Canada, check your card’s expiry date to make sure that it will still be valid when you return. Most cards are valid for five years.

If you do not plan to leave Canada, you do not need the card.

You may also need a passport to re-enter Canada. Please see the Canadian Border Services Agency website for the documents you will need at the border.

Learn when to get a PR card

If you are immigrating as a permanent resident, CIC will mail your card to you when you get to Canada. You do not need to apply for a card.

You may want to apply for a PR card if:

  • you did not get one when you immigrated to Canada,
  • you have one that has expired or will soon expire, or
  • your card was lost, stolen or damaged.

Determine your eligibility

Make sure you are eligible to apply for a PR card.

Apply for a new or replacement card

Find out what you need to do to apply for a PR card. This application can be for your first card, to renew a card or to replace one.

You can also apply for urgent processing if:

  • you will travel outside Canada very soon, and
  • you do not have a PR card, it has expired or will expire soon.

There is a different process to fix a mistake or make a change to your PR card.

Check processing times

Find out how long it will take CIC to process your application.

You can also view the service standard when you immigrate to Canada. This standard shows how quickly we should be able to process applications.

After you apply: get next steps

Find out what you should do after you apply for your PR card.

Check application status

Find the status of your application online.

Immigrant services in your area

Our interactive map will help you to search for immigrant services in your area.
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