Protect yourself from fraud

Find out how to prevent fraud and how to report those who commit it.

Marriage fraud

Fake marriages and relationships, new regulations and information for victims of marriage fraud

Document fraud

Fake or altered documents, what happens if you provide false information and how Canada monitors document fraud

Internet, email and telephone scams

Identify fake websites, emails and telephone calls

Irregular adoptions

Adopting a child from another country and adoption fraud

Learn how to report fraud

Report immigration fraud, citizenship fraud, telephone, email or Internet scams and human trafficking

Know your rights

Temporary foreign worker and live-in caregiver rights, employment standards offices and help for victims of human trafficking

Learn about using a representative

How to hire a representative or have an unpaid third party help with your application and how to file a complaint

Cracking down on immigration fraud

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s national and international partners in preventing immigration fraud

Do you want to come to Canada?

Answer a few questions to find out what immigration programs you can apply for, and how to submit an online or paper application.

Questions about immigration?

Find quick and direct answers to your immigration questions, including how to complete application forms, extend visas and permits, and replace lost documents.

Immigrant services in your area

Our interactive map will help you to search for immigrant services in your area.

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