How to file a complaint against an immigration representative

If you have a complaint about your representative, there are ways to get help.

First, you must find out if your consultant, lawyer, notary or paralegal is authorized. This means they are a member in good standing of:

If you have a complaint about:

What if my representative breaks the law while acting on my behalf?

If your immigration representative breaks the law while acting on your behalf, they can be charged under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Criminal Code of Canada or the laws of your home country.

If you know they broke an immigration-related law (for example, if they submitted false documents with your application), quickly contact:

Has your representative defrauded you personally? For example, have they:

  • charged you a fee but not done what they said they would, or
  • demanded a fee to return your passport?

If so, contact your local police.

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