Using an immigration and citizenship representative

Find out how to use a representative to help with your immigration or citizenship application. If you are a representative, learn how to use our online portal to do business for your clients.

This doesn’t apply to passport applications.

Learn about representatives

Find out about representatives and what they do, and who can help you with your application

Choose a representative

How to find a representative and protect yourself from fraud

Add, change or cancel a representative

Find out the steps to add a representative to your file, or make changes to your representative on file

Give someone access to your file

Learn more about the steps to give someone access to your file

File a complaint

What to do if you are having trouble with your representative’s services or if they break the law

Access the Authorized Paid Representatives Portal (APR)

If you are a representative, sign in to file, manage, and track applications for your clients

Questions about using or being a representative?

Find quick and direct answers to questions about using or being a representative.

Protect yourself from fraud

Don’t be a victim of fraud – Immigrate to Canada the right way

Before You Arrive in Canada

This video will help you get ready for your new life in Canada. It will explain some of the things you should do before you leave your country of origin to make sure you are prepared when you arrive in Canada.

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