How to obtain a police certificate - Jamaica

Do I need to provide a police certificate when applying for permanent residence?

Yes, all applicants aged 18 or older must provide a police certificate.

How or where do I obtain one?

If you live in Jamaica

You must apply in person at this address:

Ministry of National Security
Mutual Life Building - North Tower
2 Oxford Road, Ground Floor
Kingston 5

For your application, you will need:

  • your valid passport
  • two identical passport-size photographs
  • pay the applicable fees. Fees are $1000JMD (normal service) or $2000JMD (express 1 week service). Note that Fees are subject to change.

You will be issued a receipt, which you must then bring to:

The Criminal Records Office
Police Certificate Section
34 Duke Street, Kingston

Note: For your application, you may be required to submit fingerprints. If so, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the police station closest to where you live.
  • Bring a valid passport.
  • Request that your fingerprints be taken on the prescribed Jamaican Police form.
  • Advise the police officer that the fingerprints are required for immigration purposes.
  • The police officer will affix the Police Station's stamp and seal to the form on which the fingerprints are taken and return it to you.

If you live outside Jamaica

You may apply in person or ask a representative to act on your behalf in Jamaica.
To obtain a police certificate, you or your representative can submit your application to:

Assistant Commissioner of Police
Criminal Investigation Branch
East Queen St.
P.O. Box 462
Kingston, Jamaica
Include with your application:

  • If you are applying from Canada, submit your complete mailing address in Canada so that the police certificate may be mailed directly to you.
  • Two photographs
  • The applicable fees in the form of a manager’s cheque or a bank draft. Fees are $1000JMD (normal service) or $2000JMD (express 1 week service). Note that fees are subject to change.

Do I need to provide a Police Certificate for Express Entry?

Yes. If you are Invited to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence, you need to upload a police certificate in your Electronic Application for Permanent Residence (e-APR). Please follow the instructions above to get your police certificate.

Note: CIC will not accept police certificates sent by mail for Express Entry applications.

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