How to obtain a police certificate


Do I need to provide a police certificate when applying for permanent residence?
Yes, all applicants must provide a police certificate. 

How and where do I obtain one?

If you live in Turkey
You should apply for a police certificate from the General Prosecutor’s Office, which has branches located in each city. You will need to present your birth certificate or passport, if you are a foreign resident. The police certificate must include the results of a search of “archived” records.

If you live outside Turkey
You may write to the Turkish Republic Ministry of Justice General Directory of Criminal Records Central Office in Ankara:

Turkiye Cumhuriyeti
Adalet Bakanligi
Adli Sicil Genel Mudurlugu
Tuna Caddesi No. 10

You may also apply to the Turkish Embassy in your current country of residence to obtain a police certificate.

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