How to obtain a police certificate


Do I need to provide a police certificate when applying for permanent residence?

How and where do I obtain one?

If you live in Kuwait
You must apply in person and provide:

  • a request from the Canadian Embassy;
  • two photographs;
  • a copy of your passport; and
  • a copy of your resident visa in Kuwait.

Note: No fees are required.


Department of Criminal Evidence
Ministry of the Interior
Farwaniya District
Telephone: +965 2 434 1520
Location: Al Dagig area in front of Kuwait Airways

If you live outside Kuwait
You can:

  • return to Kuwait to apply for the police certificate; OR
  • send a representative to apply for the police certificate (with a power of attorney to authorize him or her to act on your behalf); OR
  • obtain certificates from a Kuwaiti embassy or consulate by providing the documents listed below.

Required documents:

  • a request from the Canadian Embassy;
  • a copy of the passport you used in Kuwait;
  • a copy of your old or expired resident visa in Kuwait;
  • four photographs; and
  • applicable fees.

Note: Fees are subject to change.

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