How to obtain a police certificate

United Arab Emirates

Do I need to provide a police certificate when applying for permanent residence?

Note: Only one police clearance certificate from any emirate in the UAE is sufficient.

How or where do I obtain one?

Local Requests:
You should apply in person at the police department of the emirate. You will be required to present the following documents:

  • your original passport, as well a copy;
  • a copy of your resident visa;
  • three photographs; and
  • applicable fees.

Non-Resident Requests:
Applicants may send applications by courier with a pre-paid airway bill to the relevant office listed below. You must submit with your application the following:

  • a set of fingerprints certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy in your country of current residence;
  • a copy of your passport;
  • a copy of your former residence visa; and
  • applicable fees
  • Abu Dhabi
    General Police Directorate
    Criminal Investigation Section
    P.O. Box, 253 Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Telephone: 971-2-449 0008


  • Fujairah
    Fujairah Police Department
    P.O. Box 5
    Fujairah, UAE
    Telephone: 971-9-222-4411

  • Dubai
    Criminal Investigation Department
    Dubai Police General Headquarters
    P.O. Box 1493, Dubai, UAE
    Telephone: 971-4-2013471


  • Ras Al Kheimah
    Ras Al Kheimah Police
    P.O. Box 54
    Ras Al Kheimah, UAE
    Telephone: 971-7-233-3888

  • Sharjah
    Sharjah Police
    P.O. Box 29
    Sharjah, UAE
    Telephone: 971-6-563-1111

  • Umm AL Quwain
    Umm Al Quwain Police Department
    P.O. Box 23
    Umm Al Quwain, UAE
    Telephone: 971-6-765-6662

  • Ajman
    Ajman Police Department
    P.O. Box 4
    Ajman, UAE
    Telephone: 971-6-703-4000

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