Processing times: Permanent Residence — Other applications

The tables below indicate the time it takes to process an application after we receive a complete application package.

Last update: November 13, 2015

Applicants Outside Canada
(Updated Quarterly)
Type of application Processing Times by Country
Government-assisted refugees View by visa office

Privately sponsored refugees:


  • Group of five
  • Community sponsors
  • Sponsorship agreement holders and their constituent groups
View by visa office
Applicants Inside Canada
Type of application Initial Assessment
Updated quarterly
Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases

30-42 months

There are two steps in processing the following applications. In order to know the total approximate time it may take for your application to be processed, ADD the time for step 1 to the time for step 2 (the 2 steps are consecutive).

Applicants Inside Canada
Type of application Step 1 - Initial Assessment
(last weekly update: November 13, 2015)
Step 2 - Final Decision
Updated quarterly
Protected Persons and Convention Refugees 18 months

(working on applications received up to May 24, 2014)

10 months

For more information: If it has been longer than the time shown above since you applied, and you live:

  • outside Canada, you may contact the visa office that is processing your application. The Call Centre does not have information about applications processed outside Canada.
  • inside Canada, please contact the Call Centre. However, Call Centre agents cannot speed up the process of your application or make decisions on your case.
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