Permanent resident travel document

IRCC has resumed using Canada Post mail services

Effective July 11, 2016, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has resumed normal processing and shipping procedures using Canada Post mail services.

Applications submitted at a Passport Office or at a Service Canada Receiving Agent will be mailed to the address listed on your application.

If you submitted your application at a Passport Office and do not receive the passport by mail within 15 business days from the date of submission, you should return to the office where you applied to collect the passport.

If you paid for Urgent, Express or Pick-up service, you must pick up your passport at the location and on the date that was decided when you applied.

If you are submitting a new application, include your date of travel and email address if possible.

We are monitoring the Canada Post situation and will provide new instructions as needed.

Wildfires in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas

New measures are in place to help those affected by the wildfires, including free replacement of citizenship and immigration documents. Read the notice.

A travel document is normally only valid for one single entry. You should apply for a new PR card as soon as you resume residence in Canada.

Determine your eligibility

You can apply for a permanent resident travel document if you:

  • are a permanent resident,
  • do not have a valid PR card showing your PR status,
  • are outside Canada, and
  • will return to Canada by airplane, boat, train or bus.


In your application, you will need to show that you have met the requirements to remain a permanent resident. You must submit a separate application with the correct fees for each person in your family who needs a travel document, regardless of their age.

1. Get the application package

The application package includes the instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out.

Use the guide to help you fill out the forms properly. If your application is incomplete or missing information, we will return it to you.

We cannot refund the fee after you have applied.

2. Pay the processing fee

In most countries, application fees must be paid in Canadian dollars. More information about this and the payment methods available to you can be found by visiting the pay your fees tool.

Please note that if you apply on paper at a visa application centre (VAC), you will have to pay the VAC services fees. These fees are not included in your CIC application fees.

Note that the processing fee is non-refundable in all cases.

3. Submit your application and supporting documents

After you apply

Change of address

If you move or change your address, telephone number or any other contact information after you apply, you must tell the nearest Canadian visa office by using their case specific Web form.

How we process your application

After you send your application through a visa application centre (VAC), a VAC agent will review it to make sure your application is complete and has all the documents specified in the checklist.

A visa officer will then assess your application to determine whether you have met your residency obligations and whether you are still a permanent resident of Canada. The visa officer will decide if you need an interview. If you do, the VAC will tell you the time and place of your interview.

If a visa officer refuses your application, we will return your passport and other documents to you. If you sent false documents, we will not return them.

If a visa officer approves your application, we will return your passport and original documents to you with your permanent resident travel document.

Using a representative

You do not need a representative to help you with your application. Whether or not you use a representative is a personal choice. Find out more about using a representative.

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