2010 Award Recipient for Outstanding Achievement

Paul Nguyen

Photo of Pual NguyenPaul Nguyen was born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1980. He graduated from York University’s film program in 2004. Mr. Nguyen is a proud second-generation Vietnamese-Canadian whose parents fled the Vietnam war to Canada during the migration of the boat people.

He has dedicated his life to improving race relations and promoting multicultural understanding in Canada. Mr. Nguyen utilizes the power of the Internet and his passion for filmmaking to promote unity in diversity among people of various backgrounds.

His work has been extensively covered by the local and national media. He has been outspoken on youth crime, gang violence and social issues facing marginalized communities.

Mr. Nguyen continues to serve as a positive role model to youths and to promote racial harmony at every opportunity. He aspires to live in a society free of racial discrimination, hatred and poverty.


  • 1999 national winner – Racism. Stop It! National Video Competition
  • Creator of the inspirational website Jane-Finch.com, an online portal that has become a strong voice for youths and residents in the community
  • Associate Producer, “Lost in the Struggle,” for CBC’s The Fifth Estate
  • Associate Producer, “Revealed: Missing the Target,” for Global TV
  • Director, “Ian Jones: Artist and Activist,” on Bravo!
  • Executive Producer and creator of “Know Your Rights”
  • Producer of “Give a ‘Hood a Bad Name” for CBC’s Outfront


  • Recipient of the 2009 City of Toronto William P. Hubbard for Race Relations Award

News Release: Minister Kenney announces the 2010 recipient of the Paul Yuzyk Award for Multiculturalism and launches new multiculturalism Grants and Contributions Program

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